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 RE:SET. music production & experiences

RE:SET. creates music for soundmarks, documentaries, movies, apps, multimedia, commercials, jingles and much more. RE:SET only works with top musicians and their real sound. Durable and excellent.

RE:SET. is a musical collaboration between Andre Heuvelman and Frans de Rond, two greats from the Dutch music world.
Andre was the solo trumpet player of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble for 30 years. Now a cultural entrepreneur, performer, speaking and creator / producer. Besides that he has the talent to touch people deeply with his trumpet by playing straight from his heart, he is convinced that music as a means is many times stronger than as a product. Music that comes in without knocking touches and allows people to connect with themselves and others.
Frans has made his mark with the recording and editing of music in the broadest sense of the word. He is also a valued and in-demand technician for the production of radio drama. Together Frans and Andre know how to realize music productions that touch people. Both musically and sound-technical.

Contact for more info:
Frans: +31 (0)654316705
Andre: +31 (0)654981149